Shiloh’s Hope has been developing its values over time. Currently we have three values which set a standard for everyone who is employed by Shiloh’s Hope and is served by Shiloh’s Hope to strive to. There is a common understanding by all under the umbrella of Shiloh’s Hope that at times we may fail to fully uphold our values, but we will recognize our missteps and learn from them using our values as a compass for continued self-improvement with the ultimate goal being for Shiloh’s Hope to work continuously in a pursuit for a unified goal that will unite staff and persons served in a mutually beneficial professional relationship.

Emotional Safety - Shiloh’s Hope values emotional safety. We understand that it is of great importance that everyone we come in contact with feels emotionally safe in their environment. Without understanding the value of emotional safety, it is difficult to ensure that people we work with are comfortable doing their best work with us, but most importantly, it is difficult to make someone feel comfortable where they live if we do not work to ensure they feel emotionally safe. For these reasons, Shiloh’s Hope works hard to ensure that everyone working for Shiloh’s Hope, is served by Shiloh’s Hope, or simply encounters Shiloh’s Hope feels emotionally safe. This value is critical in ensuring that we as a team can all trust each other in a way that harnesses mutual benefit and growth.

Respectful Communication - Shiloh’s Hope values respectful communication. Though at times conditions may make respectful communication a challenge, Shiloh’s Hope staff and those served by Shiloh’s Hope strive to understand the impact that the way we communicate with each other has on one another. We use this value as a guide to self-improvement, so we can work best with others to improve their overall satisfaction in life as well as our own.

Teamwork - Shiloh’s Hope values teamwork. We as an organization know that no one of us can overcome every challenge that faces us without some help from others. Both those employed by Shiloh’s Hope and persons served by Shiloh’s Hope work as a team to come up with solutions to everyday problems and the involvement of those who are a part of each team is key to the success of that team. We also acknowledge that not every person is part of every team, but we trust that teams that work separate of each other will do what is best for the organization as a whole as long as those teams keep our core values in mind while making important decisions that affect others.

Shiloh's Hope is growing and so are it's values... Shiloh’s Hope is a growing organization. Over time we are working as a team to develop more values that are not entered into lightly and fully encompass the things that Shiloh’s Hope as an organization including persons served hold close as a standard to strive for. With that being said, where our values are concerned, there are more to come…