Shiloh's Hope, Inc.

New Office

1304 Marshall St. Suite #1
St. Peter, MN 56082
(507) 934-2094
Shiloh's Hope, Inc. provides Adult Foster Care under licensure in Le Sueur and Nicollet Counties, and is established for the purpose of providing person-centered support and services to persons with complex diagnostic needs, including person with severe and persistent mental illness, co-occurring disorders, such as chemical dependency, or traumatic brain injury. Shiloh’s Hope, Inc. currently has 8 licensed facilities.

Descriptions of the facilities are listed below. Please call for consultation and availability.

Josiah Residence Hosanna Residence
907 Menk Drive
St. Peter, MN
(507) 934-0155

Hosanna Residence is Shiloh's Hope's newest development. Established in June of 2018, this residence houses four male individuals who share common interests in art, cooking, and a healthy interest in shopping for the finer things in life. We're happy to welcome the new individuals and this new development to Shiloh's Hope, Inc.


Josiah ResidenceJosiah Residence

Josiah Residence Josiah Residence
822 West Grace Street
St. Peter, MN
(507) 934-2504

Josiah Residence is a four bedroom residence that houses four male individuals with interests in video games, fishing, getting out and staying active, and spending time with family. Josiah Residence will be relocating in the somewhat near future to 912 Cook St. St. Peter, MN 56082. The Residence will be on the open lot you see below. While you're at it, check out the new floor plans!

  Josiah Residence

Josiah Residence
  Josiah 3.PDF

Marah Residence The Marah Residence!
203 West Lanesburgh Street
Le Center, MN
(507) 357-6893

The Marah Residence has four guys between the ages of 19 and 70. The guys out here at Marah like to spend their time doing art, fishing, gardening, playing card games, cooking, baking, having fires along with smore's, and building! The staff out at Marah Residence enjoy doing all these activities with the guys as well! Out at Marah, we have a cat and his name is Marah! Coincidence? Probably not! The guys out at Marah have great personalities, are very genuine, kind, and always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone that needs it.


Nobrenah Residence Nobrenah's Place
2078 Pratt Circle
St. Peter, MN
(507) 934-6491

Nobrenah's Place currently houses four adult male individuals varying in age who enjoy going to car shows, the movie theater, on bike rides, and to the library.

Over here, we are a laid back home and don't mind a quiet night in watching a sports game with some popcorn.


Selah Residence Selah Residence
1100 West Menk Drive
St. Peter, MN
(507) 934-0875

S – Super creative! Selah individuals are always looking for new fun crafts, activities, and recipes. The individuals and staff are also looking at fun new ways to spend time together!

E – Ensemble! Selah is a team. We all work together to create a wonderful living environment for those we serve. The individuals all truly care for each other and want the best for their housemates. We are the perfect mix

L – Learning! Independent living skills is Selah’s main focus. The four individuals at Selah are very independent and take pride in how far they have come! We are always learning new ways to cope with the unexpected things life decides to throw at us learning from our mistakes!

A – Active! Selah individuals love to go for walks, bake, have movie nights, and play lots and lots of games! Lots of shopping, coffee shops, and have some off the chart, good for the soul girl talks!

H – Happy! The staff and individuals at Selah are very positive and enjoy each other’s company. There is always lots of laughs and have a very positive impact on each other’s lives.


Josiah Residence Shalom Residence - Coming Soon!
2005 Essler Drive
St. Peter, MN

Shalom Residence is a new deveolpment for Shiloh's Hope, inc. We are very much looking forward to it's projected opening in the month of September 2018!

Josiah Residence

Shekhinah Residence Shekhinah Residence
439 West Swift Street
St. Peter, MN
(507) 934-1179

Shekhinah Residence is a four bedroom rambler style home that is handicap accessible and provides all of the services Shiloh's Hope, Inc. has to offer. Each resident of Shekhinah Residence has his own bedroom furnished by Shiloh's Hope. Each bedroom is located on the main level. Shekhinah Residence currently houses male clients with multiple areas of disability, ranging in age from 46-61 years of age.


Shiloh Residence Shiloh Residence
1746 Riggs Road
St. Peter, MN
(507) 934-4264

Shiloh Residence is a laid back, two story house. Shiloh Residence currently houses all male individuals with varying interests in music, scenic car rides, grilling out, and bon fires.


Sophia Residence Sophia Residence
2009 Bunker Lane
St. Peter, MN
(507) 934-9771

Sophia Residence is a four bedroom split level style home, with two bedrooms located on the upper level and two bedrooms located on the lower level. Each resident of Sophia Residence has her own bedroom furnished by Shiloh's Hope. Each Sophia Residence provides all of the services Shiloh's Hope, Inc. has to offer. Sophia Residence currently houses female clients ranging in age from 36-54 years, with mental illness and/or chemical dependency diagnoses.


Zechariah Residence Zechariah Residence
2011 Moore Dr.
St. Peter, MN
(507) 934-2099

Zechariah Residence is a four bedroom split-level style home, providing all of the services Shiloh's Hope, Inc. has to offer. Each resident of Zechariah Residence has his own bedroom furnished by Shiloh's Hope. Two bedrooms are located on the upper level and two bedrooms are located on the lower level. Zechariah Residence currently houses male clients with mental illness diagnoses, ranging in age from 30-54 years of age.

The gentlemen residing within this home enjoy getting outsied to walk, ride bike, and to Barbeque. The atmosphere of this home is warm and inviting, friendly, and has lots of laughter. The gentlemen also enjoy cooking and baking different recipes they find in cookbooks. They also enjoy working and being productive memebers of their community.