Shiloh's Hope, Inc.
~Home and Community Based Services~

Supervision: Shiloh's Hope provides 24/7 supervision based on individual service needs. High risk behaviors are continually being assessed and evaluated for determining both the type and level of supervision required. Ensuring optimal supervision protects against potential abuse, neglect or maltreatment of vulnerable adults.

On-call: Shiloh's Hope provides 24/7 on-call services to effectively address emergencies that arise within each home and to maintain a relatively seamless continuity of support, care, and services.

Medical and Health Care Support: Shiloh's Hope provides RN services to oversee the ongoing needs of our clients' physical and mental health through proper medical and psychiatric care. The RN ensures that medications and medication administration is safeguarded against misuse or abuse by developing and implementing failsafe systems for monitoring and assessing weak points in the delivery of optimal support, care, and services in medication administration. The RN also assesses an individual for self-administration of medications (SAMS). The RN provides training to our staff in areas of medication administration, medication education, and a wide range of topical health care issues to ensure they are properly trained and competent to face the difficult health care challenges in our clients. Finally, the RN provides emotional support and training to our clients to help optimize a client's potential for independent living.

Behavioral Health Services: Shiloh's Hope provides Behavioral Health Services in order to support and strengthen individuals living with severe and persistent mental illness. The Behavior Analyst develops support systems designed to promote independence, responsibility, accountability, and recovery. The Behavior Analyst works in conjunction with the interdisciplinary team, with an eye on ensuring each person is treated as an individual worthy of respect, courtesy and dignity. The Behavior Analyst uses best practices in designing support systems that are ethical for each individual.

Recreational and Leisure Services: Shiloh's Hope provides Recreational and Leisure Services. The Recreation Coordinator oversees the wide range of recreational and leisure experiences of each individual with the hope and mission of bringing quality of life and life enrichment experiences to each person. The Recreation Coordinator also assists our clients in seeking volunteer opportunities within the community. The Recreation Coordinator supervises The Lounge, a place where clients may go to workout if he or she chooses, to play pool or foosball, watch movies or play Wii, read books from the small library, or play games.

Nutrition: Shiloh's Hope ensures that each site provides nutritious, well-balanced meals and snacks on a daily basis. Shiloh's Hope will work with anyone who has special and sometimes complex dietary needs. All meals are served family style with staff.

Transportation: Shiloh's Hope provides daily transportation, which assist clients in accessing community support services and resources. Shiloh's Hope shall support and assist individuals in utilizing alternative transportation systems, such as the transit system within the St. Peter area.

Household Support: Clients are asked and expected to assist with daily and weekly household chores and duties. Each location posts its weekly assignments. Clients are expected to complete their laundry as scheduled, and are responsible for cleaning their room, changing their bed linens, and safeguarding the bedroom furniture against unnecessary wear on a weekly basis, or more often, if needed. Shiloh's Hope will provide supervision to ensure each chore or duty is properly and effectively carried out. Each household will hold weekly household meetings where household issues and concerns are addressed and resolved. Each household will complete weekly personal needs shopping with clients.

Life Training Skills and Activities of Daily Living: Shiloh's Hope will assess strengths and weaknesses of each individual with the hopes of developing the optimal support system for each person. Shiloh's Hope shall provide training, assistance and support to each client to enhance skill strength and independence in meal preparation, money management, social skills training, relapse prevention, and accessing and utilizing community resources and services. Shiloh's Hope shall also assess individual strengths and weaknesses in the areas of dressing, grooming, bathing, personal hygiene, mealtime etiquette, and interpersonal skills and develop and implement support systems designed to encourage independence and personal responsibility.

Diversity: Shiloh's Hope shall design support systems that recognize and embrace the rich and unique qualities each person brings due to race, gender, religion, ethnicity, and a host of other unique qualities, while also treating clients with respect, courtesy and dignity.

Full Service: Each location shall offer cable television, on-site mail delivery that shall not be censored, access to a telephone that ensures privacy and a subscription to a local newspaper or national magazine if desired.